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GYAN remembers Paul Raynault, founder of Student World Assembly
We wish to salute Mr. Paul Raynault, the extraordinary and visionary advocate for global democracy, and founder of the widespread Student World Assembly. Mr. Raynault was a firm believer in civic participation in governance initiatives and young people especially as capable and necessary leaders in that process. As a philanthropist and past supporter of GYAN as well, we are saddened by his loss, but inspired by his leadership, commitment, and extraordinary body of work he did to serve humanity. Paul will be remembered; his vision lives on, and many will continue to work on behalf of the principles he so enthusiastically championed. May he rest in Peace.

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Nicole Lamanna, Vidar Ekehaug and Benjamin Quinto

Natalie Allen, Allison Block, Marioliva Gonzales, Kristin Hickman, Nicole Lamanna, Janine Padilla.
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Dear friends,

Many hundreds of years ago, the Chinese Taoist Philosopher Lao Tse wrote, “Nature is not human hearted”. Just how cruel the forces of nature can be was proven to us again last month. While the world was still in shock from the devastation and suffering left behind by the typhoon which struck Myanmar at the beginning of May, China's Sichuan Province was hit by an earthquake killing tens of thousands of Chinese and leaving millions of people homeless.

At the moment of writing this newsletter, there are still about 30,000 children in Myanmar who survived the cyclone but are suffering from severe malnutrition and will starve to death unless food is rushed to them. Our thoughts are with these children and the victims of the cyclone and earthquake, as well as our friends at the United Nations and elsewhere who are working day and night to provide assistance to them.

Amidst the devastating news from East Asia, we at GYAN were excited to see youth from around the world gather in New York for the 16th session of the Commission on Sustainable Development. The enthusiasm and dedication of the CSD Youth Caucus members who come to New York every year is energizing and uplifting.

Young people have been involved in policy discussions on sustainable development since the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio, and thanks to new technologies, their numbers are increasing. However, as a relatively loose group, the CSD Youth Caucus is constantly dealing with the challenge of retaining institutional memory, cultures and values while leadership is in transition. In the 21st century - the century of networks - ensuring that knowledge is passed on and history is not forgotten, is going to be of great need. The CSD Youth Caucus has done a remarkable job over the past 10-plus years in dealing with this challenge, and it is something that it should be proud of.

In solidarity,

Franziska Seel
Executive Director

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Qatar to take part in conference on youth entrepreneurship
4/29/08, Peninsula On-line - Qatar
Qatar will participate in the Second Conference on Arab Entrepreneurship Among the Youth, to be held in Oman from May 4 to 6. More here.

Kenya: Youth Deserve a ‘New Deal' on Employment
5/1/08, - Kenya
“To resolve our pressing infrastructural challenges, the youth should be grading feeder roads, digging drains, constructing bridges and laying sidewalks...” More here.

Ignore the Youth Vote at Your Own Peril
5/2/08, AlterNet - USA leaders should stop lamenting youth apathy and start engaging the most diverse, tolerant generation in history.” More here.

CYDR to bring out youth development index
5/4/08, Economic Times - India
The Centre for Youth Development and Research (CYDR) of Shremat Nathibai Damodar Thackersey (SNDT) Women's University has initiated a pilot project to bring out a youth development index... More here.

Namibia: Mushroom Project for Youth
5/7/08, - Namibia
The National Youth Council (NYC) and the University of Namibia (Unam) plan to initiate a mushroom farming project to alleviate unemployment among the youth. More here.

GYCA and Mexico Youth Force partners with MTV to increase Latino youth participation!
In preparation for the International AIDS Conference in Mexico City in August, MTV is airing a commercial that encourages young Latinos to apply for a scholarship and attend the conference. Young Latinos are under-represented in the global HIV/AIDS movement, and the scholarships winners will receive media training and share their experiences with other young people. Read more about the Mexico Youth Force and check out the commercial!

GYAN Mexico participates in reforestation project
GYAN Mexico, in a coalition of NGOs in Manos a la Tierra, will organize a range of reforestation events around Mexico this summer. This is part of a national effort to plant 25 million trees and is a chance for young people to get involved in achieving the Millennium Development Goals. For more information, click here.

GYAN participates in UN Expert Group Meeting on Youth
The United Nations Programme on Youth organized an Expert Group Meeting on May 19-21 at the UN Headquarters in New York. The purpose of the meeting was to work to develop a comprehensive set of goals and targets in priority areas of the World Programme of Action for Youth. Click here for more information about the meeting.

GYAN featured in Teen Guide to Global Action!
Author Barbara A. Lewis has released another book written for young people who want to change the world! The Teen Guide to Global Action - How to Connect with Others (Near and Far) to Create Social Change features real-life stories to inspire young leaders (many provided by GYAN), including the story of GYAN founder, Benjamin Quinto, plus a rich menu of opportunities, fast facts, hands-on activities, tools and resources to put ideas into action. Find out more here.

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United against Violence in Guatemala!
Two youth organizations have joined forces to promote the culture of peace and raise their voices against violence in a media campaign in Guatemala. Youth for Guatemala and the Youth Peace Association are working together to sensitize the population to raise their voice against the high levels of violence that plague their county. Visit the Youth Peace Association website or email for more information.

Billion Tree Campaign to Grow into Seven Billion Tree Campaign
A worldwide tree planting initiative, aimed at empowering citizens to corporations and people up to presidents to embrace the climate change challenge, has set its sights on planting 7 billion trees. The campaign was unveiled in 2006 as a response to the threats but also to the opportunities of global warming, as well as to the wider sustainability challenges Visit the Billion Tree Campaign for pledges, plantings, and more info.

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Summit to enhance youth involvement in relevant science, global issues set
5/8/08, Philippine Information Agency - Philippines
According to the Malacanang press report, the Philippines will host the first ever ASEAN Youth Science Summit (AYSS) at the Traders Hotel in July this year... More here.

Standing up for the nation's youth
5/10/08, Salisbury Journal - United Kingdom
A Salisbury schoolgirl spoke up for the nation's youth in a debate at the House of Lords last week. More here.

Empowering youth and righting wrongs: “Youth social clubs to be made in Punjab”
5/12/08, Daily Times - Pakistan
Social youth clubs will be created across the province, and provided with librarians, cyber cafes, cafeterias and sports areas. More here.

Namibia: SPYL to Formulate Youth Empowerment Strategy
5/16/08, - Namibia
An economic transformation convention to ponder critical issues regarding youth economic empowerment (YEE) is scheduled to take place tomorrow... More here.

Youth Round Table to probe job chances
5/20/08, Gulf Daily News - Bahrain
The Young Arab Leaders-Bahrain in association with AIESEC Bahrain will host their second annual event, the Youth Round Table at the Crowne Plaza... More here.

Youth summit for green issues starts in Kobe
5/22/08, The Daily Yomiuri - Japan
Young people from around the world gathered in Kobe on Thursday to discuss issues including global warming at the Youth Summit for the Environment. More here.

Liberia: Postal Ministry Sponsors Four to ITU-Youth Forum
5/22/08, - Liberia
...[T]he four-day ITU Telecom Africa Youth Forum will focus on the participation of young people in the use of information. More here.

UN and Computer Maker HP Partner to Boost IT Skills of Africa's Young People
5/8/08, UN News Centre
…have joined forces to help young unemployed people across Africa build their entrepreneurialand information technology (IT) skills.... More here.


UN Programme on Youth
The United Nations Programme on Youth is the focal point on youth issues within the UN system and works to raise awareness about the situation of young people among governments and other institutions. The programme also works to strengthen youth participation in decision-making processes and to promote national youth policies and action plans. For more information, click here.

:: EVENT SPOTLIGHT [Full Calendar]

African Youth Business Forum
Date: July 2-4, 2008
Location: Abuja, Nigeria
The African Youth Business Forum conference is aimed at increasing youth participation in investment and trade opportunities within Africa. Against this backdrop, the Heal the World Foundation presents the first series of the African Youth Business Forum, with the theme of “Wealth Creation and Investment Strategies for the African Youth.” Registration deadline is June 20, 2008. For more information, click here or send an email.

UN-HABITAT: World Urban Youth Forum
Date: October 31 - November 2, 2008
Location: Nanjing, China
In keeping with past World Urban Forums, the World Urban Youth Forum will be held on the eve of the Nanjing conference so that youth leaders from around the world can meet to exchange views on sustainable urbanization. Their recommendations will be officially presented to delegates at WUF4. The theme of this year's forum is “Harmonius Urbanization: The Challenge of Balanced Territorial Development.” For more information, click here.

19th International South Asian Fundraising Workshop
Date: August 23-26, 2008
Location: Agra, India
Leaders and fundraisers from over 350 non-profit organizations from all over Asia and beyond will attend and learn how to increase support for the causes they represent. The theme "Building Relationships for Sustainability-3" is the most relevant and appropriate across all the organizations. The strong speaker line-up will feature over 20 of the world's leading fundraising experts. For more information, click here or send an email.

IUCN World Conservation Congress
Date: October 5-14, 2008
Location: Barcelona, Spain
The IUCN Congress is the world's largest conservation event, and aims to improve how we manage our natural environment for human, social and economic development. More than 8,000 leaders from government, the public sector, non-governmental organizations, businesses, UN agencies and social organizations will discuss and debate solutions for the world's most pressing environmental and development issues. For more information, click here.

Many scams invite people to register for a youth conference, and intend only to collect registration fees. Please beware and only pay fees when you are certain it is a legitimate event. Common schemes include events taking place both in the USA and other countries.

World Youth Organization for Human Welfare
“Global Youths Combined Conferences” taking place September 10-12, 2008, in California, U.S.A., and September 17-19, 2008, in Dakar, Senegal.

Castle Rock Foundation
“7th General Assembly of NGO/CBO” scheduled from the 1st to 6th of July, 2008, in Colorado, U.S.A.

Jacobson International Development Fund
“Jacobson International Development Summit” taking place July 21-25, 2008, in Iowa, U.S.A., and August 4-8, 2008, in London, United Kingdom.

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A Guide to Statistics on Young People in Poverty
A new publication from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), "Putting Young People Into National Poverty Reduction Strategies: A Guide to Statistics on Young People in Poverty," shows how relevant statistics on young people in poverty can be easily sourced for use in developing national poverty reduction strategies. The publication focuses on young people in both a broad and more detailed approach, providing detailed data as well as demonstrating the impact of a population group on a nation's basic demographic structure. For more information, click here.

UN-HABITAT unveils new youth-led initiatives
UN-HABITAT on May 8, 2008, unveiled two new initiatives to help young people in the poorer neighborhoods of cities in the developing world get a better start in life. The new initiatives are an Opportunities Fund for urban youth-led development designed to improve understanding, and lead to more effective ways of involving young people in sustainable urban development. The agency also announced a Global Partnership Initiative on urban youth development in Africa aimed at harnessing the abundant resources of Africa's youth to improve the quality of life in cities and towns. For more information, click here.

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Clinton Global Initiative University Representative
Do you have what it takes to inspire more students on your campus to get involved and make a difference? If so, apply to become a Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U) Campus Rep! CGI U is a growing community of student activists who want to change the world. Each student makes a Commitment to Action - a specific, measurable plan detailing how they will make this change happen. For more information, click here.


Rotary World Peace Fellowships
The Rotary Foundation is now accepting applications for the 2009-11 Rotary World Peace Fellowship. Pursue a master's degree in international studies, sustainable development, peace, and conflict resolution. Applicants must be committed to peace and have a minimum of three years professional experience, be proficient in a second language and have demonstrated a commitment to world peace and conflict resolution. Application deadline is July 1, 2008. For more information, click here.


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TakingITGlobal's multilingual team is looking for motivated and dedicated virtual volunteers. If you speak Bengali, Italian, Russian or Turkish and you are interested in translation work in an online environment this could be your ideal placement. For more information, click here.



Say NO to Violence Against Women!
At least one out of every three women around the world has been beaten, coerced into sex, or otherwise abused in her lifetime. Violence against women and girls is a universal problem of pandemic proportions. Add you name to an ever-growing movement of people who speak out to put a halt to this shameful human rights violation. For more information, click here.







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