Those we Serve Have this to Say

“GYAN is a tremendous resource, and have provided ongoing support to me and other youth on government delegations to the UN. They have played a crucial role in advancing youth participation, and I am proud of having had the opportunity to work with them.”
- Erik Thijs Wedershoven, age 19
Youth Delegate of the Netherlands to the 60th UN General Assembly

“Before I participated in the JAM, I was very dedicated to doing youth work, but isolated and lacking support. Now I feel that my project has so much more potential. I met some of the most talented and amazing people here, and I believe that we will support each other for life.”
- Sarah Quinter, age 19, USA
Local JAM NYC Participant

“My team members and I would like to profusely thank GYAN for recognizing this small step towards the eradication of [illiteracy]. It's easy to pen down plans on paper, but difficult to put them into action. For all the difficulties faced by us we have been rewarded in a beautiful way which will inspire many youngsters around the world to strive towards making our world a better place to live in!”
- Ram Gopalakrishnan, age 16, India
Global Youth In Action Award Winner

"I never expected to receive this award!  It seemed so natural to want to help my friends.  Now I feel I must go on.  Rewards are there to encourage growth and action."
- Anna Kirey, age 20, Latvia
Global Youth In Action Award Winner



"It's so easy to feel defeated when you look at the size of the problems that face the human race, to feel like there is nothing you can do. My message to young people now is that every individual can make a difference. The collective influence of groups of individuals is unbelievably powerful. The Global Youth Action Network harnesses the energy of young people and provides them tools and resources for change. Its work is critically important."
Dr Jane Goodall
Primatologist; Founder, Jane Goodall Institute and Roots and Shoots; GYAN Advisor

"GYAN's work embodies the new consciousness youth are bringing into the world: hope, cooperation, and a deep sense of our common humanity. They are galvanizing the collective intelligence and creativity of young people to create a world of peace, harmony and sustainability."
- Deepak Chopra, MD
Author, Physician; GYAN Advisor

"Working with GYAN has allowed me to meet the new generation that will lead us into the future."
- Karolína Kurková
Model; Founder, The Beautiful Life Fund; GYAN Advisor

"Volunteers are some of our most valued partners, and Global Youth Service Day celebrates the efforts of the youngest of them. These young people are not only the leaders of tomorrow; they can play a leading role in the development of their communities today. Let us hope that their good works today blossom into lifelong commitments that will benefit all the world's people."
- Kofi Annan, United Nations Secretary-General

"“In regards to political participation, it is extremely important that young people begin to practice it, as the future belongs to you. It is in your hands to build soon a better society than we have today.”
- Brazil President Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva in his statement to participants at the December 2005 conference of the Youth Movement for Democracy, hosted by GYAN South America Regional Office.

."The mobilization and dedication of civil society organizations, of private and public sector partners, and of thousands of volunteers, who all believe in this effort, has upheld Global Youth Service Day as the most expressive, global celebration of youth volunteerism.  And Brazil is already a leader in this movement."
- Brazil President Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva on the occasion of the 7th Annual Global Youth Service Day celebrations, held in 117 countries 21-23 April, 2006..

"The Global Youth Action Network continues to be a key partner of the Inter-American Development Bank's Youth Development & Outreach Program. The GYAN plays a major role in assisting the Bank in engaging youth leaders as agents for development in Latin America and the Caribbean . By facilitating communication among youth both at the national and global level, the GYAN is playing a key role on both policy and programming throughout Latin America and the Caribbean." 
- Fabian Koss, Youth Program Coordinator
Inter-American Development Bank

"In bringing together thousands of youth groups from across the globe, GYAN is well placed to serve as a link to - and a channel for - the voice of youth. As a youth-led organization, GYAN has become a valued partner in initiating UNDP’s work on youth and democratic governance in Asia.”
- Arusha Stanislaus, Deputy Coordinator, Asia Regional Governance Programme
United Nations Development Programme – Regional Center in Bangkok

"In the year and a half that I have followed the work of the Global Youth Action Network, they have grown considerably and established themselves as one of the key organizations serving youth in the world.  The importance of their work cannot be stressed enough, empowering young people with tools and resources, engaging a generation of hope."
- Dr Poonam Ahluwalia, Executive Director
Youth Employment Summit, Educational Development Center

"The importance of the voice of youth in building a new and sustainable world can no longer be ignored.  We are now in a time of unprecedented crisis and the energy and vision they bring is crucial for the future of all of us.  We must help nourish and include youth in the global efforts toward world peace and justice. GYAN is a shining example of what can be accomplished by young people dedicating their lives to the causes of peace and universal justice."
- Barbara Valocore, President
Lifebridge Foundation

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