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:: GYAN's Comprehensive Strategy for Placing Youth at the Forefront of the MDGs

When the Millennium Development Goals were announced in 2000 by the United Nations, not enough people knew about them. In 2002, two groups emerged: the Millennium Project, commissioned by the Secretary-General to devise strategies for achieving the Goals, and the Millennium Campaign, which encourages citizens around the world in their efforts to hold governments to account for the promises made at the September 2000 Millennium Summit.

The Global Youth Action Network became involved in the preparatory committee for the 57th Annual NGO-DPI Conference at the UN, whose theme was MDGs: Civil Society Takes Action. In the Spring of 2004, responding to a friendly challenge by Prof. Jeffrey Sachs of the Millennium Project, GYAN helped to convene and act as secretariat for an ad-hoc committee of youth experts who released in 2005 an extensive paper supporting our belief: that young people should be at the forefront of the movement to achieve the MDGs. Because it's our future we're talking about.


:: 1. Gathering the Facts

Following a series of workshops at the 2004 Annual NGO-DPI Conference, a partnership was formed with the World Federation of United Nations Associations, with whom we worked on a youth section for their 2005 Report on the MDGs. An Ad-Hoc Working Group was created, for which GYAN served as Secretariat, and an on-line consultation was organized by the group with 350 international youth participants. A report entitled Youth and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs): Challenges and Opportunities for Implementation was first released in December 2004 for consultation after 6-months of research, and published with support from the United Nations Programme on Youth in the Spring of 2005.

:: 2. Raising Awareness

The MDGs are only achievable if everyone knows about them. On the ground, campaigns and peer education activities are helping to educate young people. The Youth & MDGs Report provides case studies, research on the impact of the Goals on young people, proposes and highlights solutions in communities. Public speaking about the Goals, on-line discussion forums and special events, including those organized by GYAN National Teams help to educate the public. Global video-conference links are planned in partnership with the Chat the Planet television series for webcast and broadcast in short form on global satellite networks.

:: 3. Mobilizing for Action

GYAN believes that change happens when there is real action, and critical mass. To support our strategy, a tri-partite agreement was signed in 2003 between TakingITGlobal, GYAN and the Millennium Campaign, committing to engaging youth in MDG-related activities and campaigns. In 2005, an MDG Youth Campaign Kit was distributed globally to thousands of organizations in multiple languages, including an MDG Youth Action Guide. National MDG Youth Campaigns will soon be launched as part of a growing collaboration.

:: 4. Impacting Policy

Change can only be sustained when it reaches the policy level, and youth voices are critical in that process. In collaboration with the Millennium Campaign and GYAN's strategic partners abroad, we will seek to engage youth in advocacy and government lobbying, and have them participate, where possible, in the poverty reduction strategy papers being produced by priority countries.

To get more information, please write to the attention of the MDG Coordinator.

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