:: Spotlight
Deepak Chopra "GYAN's work embodies the new consciousness youth are bringing into the world: hope, cooperation & a deep sense of our common humanity."
- Deepak Chopra, MD
Karolina Kurkova

"Working with GYAN has allowed me to meet the new generation that will lead us into the future."
- Karolína Kurková

Karolina Kurkova

"GYAN harnesses the energy of young people [..] their work is critically important."
- Dr. Jane Goodall

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:: About Us

The Global Youth Action Network (GYAN) is a youth-led 501c3, not-for-profit organization, launched in 1999 and registered in New York, US. More here.

:: Mission and Vision




Our mission is to:
facilitate youth participation and intergenerational partnerships in global decision-making;
support collaboration among diverse youth organizations; and
provide tools, resources, and recognition for positive youth action.

Our vision:
GYAN believes that critical issues facing the planet now demand our attention and action; and that if we are to solve these problems in our life, then we must act, and combine our efforts to guarantee a future of peace, justice and sustainability.

:: Our Members
GYAN helps its members share information and resources - building collaborations that leverage experience. Any youth-related organization which does not promote hatred or violence is welcome to apply. Find out more about GYAN membership and connect to other organizations in our member directory. Learn more and apply here!
Debating Globalization

GYAN co-authors report on children and conflict
In partnership with UNICEF and UNFPA, GYAN collected voices from 1700 children and young people in 92 countries and presented the report to the General Assembly.

:: Announcements

GYAN is seeking volunteers!
We are currently looking for a new generation of young, passionate, and committed volunteers to join the GYAN team and help us take this network to the next level. We seek volunteers fill the following roles and responsibilities: Member Engagement Coordinator, Membership Coordinator, UN Liaison, Newsletter Editor, Blog Manager, New Media Coordinator. Click here for more information and to apply!

GYAN moves office
We have moved our offices and are now located with Green Spaces at the following location:

33 Flatbush Avenue (5th floor)
Brooklyn, NY, 11217 - USA

GYAN is not organizing any upcoming conferences. Please beware of the many hoaxes, including those using GYAN or GYCA names and logos. Read more signs here, or sign up for our newsletter below, which warns of hoaxes.

:: Newsletter

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